My Guiding Song

In life You are here, my guiding song
You have been the melody played each day
I cannot be freed from your sound,
The feel feel of your rhythm in my chest and the lyric in my mind
I cannot seem to hide from you, or extract you from within me.

I grow tired of Your melody and wish it away
Maybe, I want a different song all together?
I want the feel of a different melody, new words that speak to my exact presenting desires
I want a rhythm not hindered by Yours… oh song… oh melody… I wish you away for another

And then once quieted my heart longs for Your rhythm once again

I long for the sound of the lyric of you in my mind
To be filled once again with the truth of each word
To have Your melody ring through my veins.

You, my life’s guiding song are what brings me calm
Remind me of truth
Rhythmically pace the activity of my heart
And cause me to rejoice, even when the world I’m in is nothing like your melody.

You, my guiding song
Are the source of my life
I invite you to play your song loudly
to take over the space of my soul
Haunting my mind
And syncing my heart beat to your rhythm.

May I learn to sing along.

Cari Jenkins