Delighting in Dandelions

Spring arrives like the fog rolling over the hills of San Francisco. The once dry, brown, and sparse land transitions into vibrant green; with the passing sun and its invitation to light. The earth wakes ups from its winter rest stretching its arms and letting out the fresh breath of budding new life. The ants fall in line, birds flutter, buds appear on the thin branches of the barren trees, and squirrels move about as if they were wanting to show off their summer ready bodies.

 The velvet grass now perfectly trimmed begins to pop with the tiniest spots of yellow. DANDELIONS! Anger- a near rage. The unwanted beauty disrupts the serene landscape of the awakening spring.

 Order! Uniformity! Sterile! This is serene. This is beauty! The unnatural, tamed and controlled blanket of perfectly cut green. Not these wildly unwelcomed floral guests.

 The game I play with the dandelion is exhausting. I cut it down and like a whack a mole it returns as if to taunt me from its new location. I uproot it, but like an earthworm it grown new life from its half pulled root system. I spray it with poison. It is resilient and its little beauty continues to shine. Taunt me more like it.

 Finally, just when I think it is about to die, it’s tiny petals turn to flying pinwheels which are carried by the wind miles away. Just when I have successfully removed all signs of dandelion life from my lawn, the life of a stranger’s unkempt yard infiltrate mine from 5 miles away.

 The game is never ending. The victory desired nearly impossible. The only assured way to win the fight is to poison the life out of the natural so that the unnatural, but well ordered can remain.

 The dandelion wins- it does not do so proudly, but simply shows up as designed living what is true, pure, healing, nurturing, fun, playful, multiplying and colorful.

 I however was trained to see the dandelion as the enemy of beauty, not the beholder of such. The whimsical beauty of this tiny foe, must be made friend. It is the only way relationship and peace are to come. For the battle against it is a lost cause.

 In life I have also decided what is good, peaceful, true and responsible. I have fought to maintain its appearance, no matter the cost or how unnatural it would be.

 I spend hours, days, weeks… years even bringing poison and the inauthentic to destroy the little yellow buds of delight in my own life, all with the thought that I was creating beauty. I must not stand out. I must keep things ordered. I must look a certain way and fit right in or else my disorder may be noticed. Perhaps it might even encourage disorder in other’s lives. What then? Could I allowed play and light and beauty to become so vibrant that this influences the lives of those outside of mine?

 Or, must I keep up the good fight! Spend hours and millions of dollars to maintain perceived order and serenity through the death of the flet disorderly within me?

 I feel the tension and for today I’ve decided to delight in the dandelions.